Policy Brief 12: Good practice for strenghtening of ERA Priority 4

GENDERACTION developed specific “criteria of good practice” which can be used to assess national ERA Roadmaps and individual gender equality policies. The criteria of good practice introduced in this policy brief serve as a starting point for reflection on national gender equality policies and measures. They also support efforts at national level to strengthen the […]

Diversities make the company grow

Friday 20 September, Confindustria Salerno will host the event “Doppia Coppia, research and innovation + gender and generation. The complementary talents that make the company grow “.   The initiative, commissioned by the Confindustria Women’s Committee of Salerno,and in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, is part of the Horizon 2020 project: “R&I Peers: Pilot … Continue reading "Diversities make …

MLW on Gender in international cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation

WHEN: 7-8 November 2019 WHERE: Malta University, Valletta Campus, the Old University Building, St Paul’s Street, Valetta, Malta PROGRAMME  REGISTRATION until 30 September 2019 Workshop background This Mutual Learning Workshop is organized within the framework of the Horizon 2020 GENDERACTION Work Package 4, Mutual learning and capacity building and Work Package 6 Gender in international cooperation in […]

CfA: MLW for more advanced countries in gender equality in R&I

Register for the GENDERCACTION mutual learning worskhop for more advanced countries in gender equality in research and innovation! The MLW will be hosted by Heidi Holt Zachariassen, a senior adviser at the Committee for gender balance and diversity in research. Date: 7.-8. November 2019 Venue: Oslo, Norway Deadline for applications: 1st October 2019 Applications via […]

ACT Community Mapping Report

Website URL Address: https://act-on-gender.eu/project-outcomesLink to an external file: https://zenodo.org/record/3247433#.XXJYyPAzaM_Public identifier: 10.5281/zenodo.3247432 Keywords: Communities of Practice, Community Mapping, organisational change, Social Network AnalysisMedia Type: Digital Document (pdf, doc, ppt, txt, etc.)Geographic provenance: EU28Language(s): EnglishTotal energy: 50About (English version):  This document presents the results of the community survey of the ACT project and subsequent analysis. The survey was conducted between November 2018 and February 2019 in order to gain knowledge on existing …

ACT - Co-creation Toolkit - Version 1.2 Complete

Website URL Address: https://act-on-gender.eu/project-outcomesLink to an external file: https://zenodo.org/record/3401276Public identifier: 10.5281/zenodo.3401276 Keywords: ACT co-creation, Communities of Practice, Gender in Participatory DesignMedia Type: Digital Document (pdf, doc, ppt, txt, etc.)Geographic provenance: EuropeAbout (English version):  This document presents the Co-creation Toolkit for the Communities of Practice (CoP) of the ACT project and their Facilitators. It also shows how and with the use of which tools and methods the toolkit …

Position Paper on gender in HE co-design 2021-2024 for the 1st Strategic Plan

Only 2 days left to make your opinion matter on Horizon Europe and the importance of gender issues in it. Please contribute to online public consultation. Following its input to the consultation, GENDERACTION is launching today a more detailed position paper. The present GENDERACTION position paper is aimed at highlighting where gender is considered and where […]

Let’s make gender part of the implementation of Horizon Europe!

The European Commission has launched another consultation on Horizon Europe. This time EC wants to get feedback on the design of work programmes, submission, evaluation criteria and procedure, model grant agreement, data and reporting and more. These have always been the battlegrounds when it comes to gender equality concerns: Should the gender dimension be part […]

Special issue of PRJ dedicated to gender equality in R&I

The Project Repository Journal produced by European Dissemination Media Agency dedicated its July issue to gender equality in research and innovation. With the forword from GENDERACTION´s team member and the coordinator of the project GENDERTARGET Angela Wroblewsky the feature introduces among these two project as well other European activities and projects, such as Women’s Engineering […]

1st set of blog posts on SPEAR’s methodological path towards Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organizations across Europe

Website URL Address: https://gender-spear.eu/File:  1st_set_of_blog_posts_on_spears_methodological_path.docxType of resource: News or blog post Keywords: Gender equality, gender equality plans, women in academia, research organisation, GEP implementationMedia Type: Digital Document (pdf, doc, ppt, txt, etc.)Total energy: 50About (English version):  1st Blog A journey to an academic institution where women and men are equal Author Minna Salminen Karlsson, Uppsala University 2nd Blog Getting started with Communities of Learning and Communities of Practice at next SPEAR …